BUNNY SHAW BREAKS GOAL RECORD! | Most Goals In a Single WSL Season | Man City

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Man City

Man City

14 күн бұрын

Khadija 'Bunny' Shaw became the highest scoring women's player across a single season for City when she found the net in our 2-1 WSL win over Brighton.
n 22 appearances in all competitions, she's found the net an astonishing 26 times. Relive each of her strikes this season via the video above!
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Toosweet Kwami
Toosweet Kwami 12 күн бұрын
As Erling Haaland is breaking record at the men's side, she is also doing it in the women's league
Al Ben
Al Ben 12 күн бұрын
Incredible she arrives just last season and she already feels like a City legend. Definitely leaving her mark.
Rebel SIA
Rebel SIA 12 күн бұрын
Bunny is like the football sister of Haaland, both are more than amazing how they play and score.
Tyrone Maye
Tyrone Maye 11 күн бұрын
As a Jamaican, watching a sister, a queen of the proud little island do so well is more than heartwarming. You go girl. Keep on making us proud.🇯🇲
J_Yeld35 12 күн бұрын
Shaw and Haaland in the same season! 🔥🔥
Rose Marie Gentles
Rose Marie Gentles 12 күн бұрын
Go Bunny Jamaica is so proud of you ❤️🙏🏽🏆🇯🇲
Hulk Smash, Jean Spray
Hulk Smash, Jean Spray 12 күн бұрын
At 7:44 reminds me a little of David Silva against Wigan assisting Aguero. Hasegawa a little gem.
ShamelessTumuhaise 12 күн бұрын
The number of header goals should be a record of its own
Nathan 12 күн бұрын
her technique for headers is perfect. She moves the ball with her neck, not just throwing her head at it.
Damion Bailey
Damion Bailey 12 күн бұрын
🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲 watching bunny gives me chills. She's brilliant
Ūnknown 12 күн бұрын
She’s a wonderful header of the ball🔥.
Nicolai Sørensen
Nicolai Sørensen 12 күн бұрын
What the heck. Most of these goals are absolute bangers.
Garfield Marston
Garfield Marston 12 күн бұрын
Every time she plays remind me of earling Haaland just to show how eager she is to building her team and winning cup and also scoring goals such a great player 💯
Lancey T
Lancey T 12 күн бұрын
Top striker 🇯🇲
Garfield Marston
Garfield Marston 12 күн бұрын
Dennis Sutherland
Dennis Sutherland 12 күн бұрын
Bunny is a complete striker! Right boot, left boot or with the head, she poses a great threat inside or outside the box!! Hard striker to mark with her size!!
Precious Roland
Precious Roland 12 күн бұрын
Really great positioning and header from her 👏💙
KING 12 күн бұрын
🇯🇲❤️keep doing your thing bunny
Nathan 12 күн бұрын
Hopefully, we can win the WSL this season, 2 points off the top is doable.
Phillip Beckford
Phillip Beckford 11 күн бұрын
That's awesome from shaw,soooo proud of her and even more prouder to be a Jamaican.
Nathan 12 күн бұрын
7:42 😳 Hasegewa in the build-up to that goal
Dwayne Linton
Dwayne Linton 13 күн бұрын
Wow amazing so happy she at city bunny 😍
JaBugz07 12 күн бұрын
Seeing Jamaicans do well in Football makes me so happy
Gspace The best
Gspace The best 13 күн бұрын
Imagine if City signs me🤯👀🤝
Glendon Julien
Glendon Julien 12 күн бұрын
Congrats 💙💙💙
Delboy0 12 күн бұрын
To think England that has the biggest Caribbean and West African population outside of those regions and the English FA made incredibly stupid decision to not scout or develop Black girls in the professional era. Imagine if the men’s game made the same terrible decision and said they would not have any academies in any of the big diverse cities like London, Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool and ignore players from the working class, the current men’s England team would have talent. England should have 20 homegrown Bunny Shaws that would raise the levels of the Lionesses even higher from skill and athleticism standpoint.
R Y.
R Y. 12 күн бұрын
There are many of them at academy levels but somehow don’t always get the chance to show their talents. If England was like France in scouting , then they probably would have won the World Cup by now.
Vivere Pericoloso
Vivere Pericoloso 12 күн бұрын
Bunny Shaw can get her statue now...
TheBenson51 12 күн бұрын
Has the club considered a breeding programme using Bunny's and Erling's DNA, imagine the babies.. goal scoring, record destroying, giants. We've been accused of everything else why not some eugenics. (I'm joking btw).
Plug-inTv 3 күн бұрын
Media Dump
Media Dump 8 күн бұрын
R Y.
R Y. 12 күн бұрын
If they ever date and have kids , them genes would be next level.
Guthem1995 12 күн бұрын
Bunny 👕💙🇧🇷👍
kolossalkreation 12 күн бұрын
Congrats bunny shaw
evans theuri
evans theuri 12 күн бұрын
very good finishing but a btw the number 11 is so talented.
محمد درويش
محمد درويش 12 күн бұрын
Best player Congrats
Ganja Beanz
Ganja Beanz 12 күн бұрын
Jamaica 🇯🇲 to di worl
Someone 10 күн бұрын
Kamila Ferreira
Kamila Ferreira 5 күн бұрын
i love you bunny!!
فيروز | Fayrouz
فيروز | Fayrouz 12 күн бұрын
خديجه شو هاذي اسطوره هاذي هالاند نسخت البنت
Al Ben
Al Ben 11 күн бұрын
Feed the bunny and she will score!
zero 12 күн бұрын
Rencho Chiru
Rencho Chiru 12 күн бұрын
She is Terminator and Haaland's sister
Kamila Villarreal
Kamila Villarreal 5 күн бұрын
bunny bunny bunny!!!!
Joel Linkomola
Joel Linkomola 12 күн бұрын
Sergeni Frankson
Sergeni Frankson 13 сағат бұрын
neeco wildlife
neeco wildlife 12 күн бұрын
argentina_football_edits.33 12 күн бұрын
Manchester City can’t stop breaking records
MartiNinja 12 күн бұрын
Maybe she can have a few kids with haaland to secure the future of this club
Garfield Marston
Garfield Marston 12 күн бұрын
Sj editz
Sj editz 13 күн бұрын
Imagine if city pin me 🎉🎉🎉🎉🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Champ Nashon
Champ Nashon 12 күн бұрын
Female and black version of haaland
Archlefirth 12 күн бұрын
Haaland is just a Bunny Shaw copycat. Hopefully City get the WSL title this year!
Crazy Cox Gamer
Crazy Cox Gamer 13 күн бұрын
Lester Mbungo
Lester Mbungo 12 күн бұрын
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